Montag, 11. Mai 2015

Mother's Day Outfit

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mom's out there!

I sadly could not spend Mother's Day with my mom, because I have loads to do for Uni and had to study the whole weekend. But no worriers, we will celebrate, when I am back home the next time!

In celebration of the day, I wore something, my mother would like on me. 
I started out with a simple dark washed pair of skinnies and paired them with this silk shirt by 0039 Italy. It is quite simple and luxurious but the mesh stripe down the arm adds a fun and modern detail. To add a little color, I grabbed this bright orange sweater. Orange is just such a happy color! I then chose to wear these studded, pointed toe flats by Miu Miu. My Mom and I both own these and bought them at least 10 years ago and they could not be trendier at the moment! I am telling you, invest in a great pair of shoes and hold on to them long enough, because they will be in trend again and again.

For jewelry I wore a ring my mother handed down to me and the Rolex she gifted me a few years back. I love those pieces. Every time I look at them I think of my Mom!  
She is the very best, always supporting us, giving us strength, making us believe in ourselves, has the best recipes on hand and gives the best tips, especially when it comes to styling! :)
I hope I will be a little like her, when I am older, because she is my absolute role model!
Mom, you rock!! <3
Stay fancy!
xxx Kelly-Louise

  orange sweater - H&M (Sale) - similar one right here and here 
silk shirt - 0039 Italy  - different one but also by 0039 Italy right here
  supper skinny jeans - H&M - similar ones right here, here and here
pointed toe flats - Miu Miu (old) - new studded and pointed toe flats by Miu Miu right here, by Valentino right here and by Chloé right here 
clutch - Louis Vuitton (vintage)
lipstick - MAC -Watch Me Simmer

Sonntag, 26. April 2015

Basics with a Twist

Happy Sunday, Loves!

Sticking to basics is super easy when you have no clue what to wear. If the basics are not sooo basic, an outfit like this can even turn out looking really cool. 

Instead of wearing simple black skinnies, I opted for these embellished Leigh jeans from Topshop. A simple crisp white shirt is always my go-to, so there is nothing fancy there and the grey leather jacket by Patricia Pepe is quite simple as well, but it's super soft leather, perfect details and overall luxuriousness make the jacket stand out a lot more. To add the slightest touch of color, I grabbed my new black, white and blue snake print Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC, which I got from The Outnet and wore a matching wrap bracelet by COS. Instead of wearing sneakers, or ballerina flats I chose to wear these simple pointed toe pumps from Zara, which add a chic touch to the outfit. 

So, how do you dress up basics? 

Stay fancy!
xxx Kelly-Louise

leather jacket - Patricia Pepe (old) - similar one right here and here 
crisp white shirt - Theory (old) - similar one right here
embellished Leigh jeans - Topshop (old) - same one, without embellishment right here
pointed toe heels - Zara (old) - similar ones here
bag - Rebecca Minkoff (sold out) - different Mini MAC right here, different Rebecca Minkoff bag, with blue details right here and an animal print one right here
wrap bracelet - COS (old) - similar ones right here and here
lipstick - MAC - Viva Glam 2

Sonntag, 12. April 2015

Army Green

Happy Sunday, Girls!

As much as I love denim-on-denim looks, I feel like they are getting replaced by head-to-toe army green looks right now. It is definitely not a color you would usually wear in spring time, but I love it. Even though it looks a little bit like a military uniform, you can transform it to be very luxe with just a few touches. 

In today’s outfit I paired these army green chinos from H&M and my customized military parka from Punk Royal with a crisp white shirt by Theory, which I tied at the waist, a Balenciaga Hobo bag and a pair of stunning camouflage heels by Bata.  I then added my sparkly Dolce&Gabbana belt for some extra glam and put on MAC's rebel lipstick for some extra color.

Have you tried the army green trend yet? Let me now in the comments below!

Stay fancy!
xxx Kelly-Louise

customized Parka - Punk Royal (old) - similar one right here
  crisp white shirt - Theory (old) - similar one right here
army green chinos - H&M - similar ones here and here
belt - Dolce&Gabbana (vintage) - similar here and here
  camouflage pointed toe heels - Bata (from TK Maxx) - similar ones here and here
bag - Balenciaga (old) - other Balenciaga bags, that would go just as well with an outfit like this one right here, here and here 
lipstick - MAC - Rebel

Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

GIVEAWAY - 1 Year of Fancy Since 1992

Here it is, the GIVEAWAY in celebration of Fancy Since 1992's first birthday! I am so thankful for each and everyone, reading my posts, commenting sweet things and following Fancy Since 1992, so I really want to give back. 

I am giving away this super cute set of dainty, gold jewelry from Asos. I am more of a silver kinda girl, but I thought gold is a lot prettier during spring and summer and goes great with tan skin and bright dresses, so I went for that! 

I picked out these cute mini swing earings, a matching open ended cuff bracelet and this super cute love necklace, which is a friendship necklace, so the lucky winner and I will actually be twinsies! :) 

You can find everything you need to know about entering this Giveaway below!

So good luck to you all! <3 And in case you won't win, don't worry, there will be many more giveaways to come!

Stay fancy!
xxx Kelly-Louise

P.S. This giveaway is worldwide! :)

1 Year of Fancy Since 1992

Fancy Since 1992 is turning 1 today and I can't believe that it has been 365 days since my very first post, but you know what they say, time flies when you are having fun! 

In honor of this first blog birthday, I would like to look back on the past 175 posts with you, so let's start with my very first one!

It was a simple, everyday outfit called "Grey Skies", which never really got loads of love, meaning it has no comments and was only read by 50 people. But if you are not already Instagram famous and start all by your own and without the help of an agency it is a lot harder to get recognized in the big world of fashion bloggers, so I was proud, nonetheless.

After a week of daily blogging I received the first comments and could not have been happier. It was also the day I started a series, the  "Shades of ..." series, which got quite popular over the course of the past year. My first post of this series was a "Shades of Blue" look, which is still one of my favorites!

My first post that reached over 150 views was my first beauty related post, which featured  "My Favorite MAC Lipsticks".  As many of you know, I wear MAC lipsticks in pretty much all of my posts, so this one is still very close to my heart! 

On Mother's Day I posted my second post featuring my beautiful, glowing and very pregnant sister-in-law Yevgeniya, which you all seemed to like a lot since it is still one of my most viewed posts!

A post that I blogged straight out of a hospital bed was this "All White" one. I had an operation in June, in my one-week break from University and just two days before my birthday, but my only concern was to not let you down, since I was still daily blogging back then. So I shared this post with you shortly after waking up!

At the end of July I did a whole post talking about my love for a good "Crisp White Shirt". In my eyes, the beauty of the crisp white shirt is, that it is so versatile, which is why it is one of my wardrobe staples! 

Another one of the most viewed posts was my "Anniversary Outfit", which featured this lovely, silky summer dress and is very close to my heart! 

At the end of September my boyfriend and I went on holiday and first stayed in London for a few nights, before driving down to Torquay where we started our road trip through Devon befor driving to Cornwall. I documenetd everything in a few posts. Check out my posts about London, Torquay and Devon.

After doing quite a bit of vintage shopping in London, I wore an outfit featuring a vintage school blazer in a post called "Too cool for School". Another cool thing about this blazer in particular was, that it still had the Girl's name stiched inside. I just love vintage pieces that have a story behind them and I think so do you, because this is another one of my more successful posts! :) 

My most viewed post in the history of Fancy Since 1992 is the one featuring this stunning "Blanket Scarf". It was read by loads of you, received many lovely comments and even one of my favorite bloggers, Michèle Krüsi from The Fashion Fraction, commented, which made me quite proud! :) 

Talking about this post, I have to say, that my blog was flooded with capes and blanket scarfs in the past few months. Check it out: 

The most viewed post of the past month, was by far the one featuring this stunning Bottega Veneta "Trench Coat". As Christopher Bailey put it, a trench coat is a classic, not an object of fashion and should be found in every closet, at least in my opinion!

I could go on and on, but in conclusion, I would just like to thank you all sooo much! Thank you to my awesome boyfriend, who takes all the photos of me and has to go outside to shoot, weather it is ridiculously hot or freezing cold, just so I have something to share! Thank you to my Mom, who is my number one style icon and handed me down so many stunning pieces! But most of all, THANK YOU to YOU all, who check out my posts, read what I have to say, comment nice things and follow me and Bloglovin', Google+, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You rock!!

Later today, I will post a Giveaway so I can truly thank you! One of you will then get the chance to win a few cute jewelry pieces and be twinsies with me! :) 

Stay fancy!
xxx Kelly-Louise

Montag, 30. März 2015

Red, White, Blue's in the Skies

Happy Monday, everyone! 
I had a lovely weekend with my boyfriend, making and eating loads of good and homemade food, playing with Mickey and shooting this outfit, just as well!

So, here I am wearing basics, that look chic just by pearing them with a great bag and a pair of stunning heels.  I started out with my BGD flannel and paired it with my boyfriend jeans from H&M, that I can't stop wearing right now! I then layerd this burgundy colored, cropped jean jacket with it and finished everything off with my slouchy Jil Sander bag and these midnight blue pointed toe pumps by Dorothy Perkins.

Since I took application photos the same day, I only wore pearl errings and kept my makeup rather neutral, sticking to champagne and bronze eyeshadows and wearing MAC's Viva Glam 2 on my lips.

I hope you have a great week and just so you know, Fancy Since 1992 is turning 1 on the first of April and I might have some pretty little things for you, so check back on Wednesday! <3

Stay fancy!
xxx Kelly-Louise 

cropped jean jacket - (old) - similar one right here
 flannel shirt - BDG (old) - similar one right here
boyfriend jeans - H&M - similar ones here
bag - Jil Sander (old) - I could not find anything similar, so I just picked out three white bags, that I would buy right now, like these ones here, here and here.
  pointed toe pumps - Dorothy Perkins (old) - same style, but in black right here
lipstick - MAC - Viva Glam 2